Southeastern Livestock Expo

March 14-16, 2019 Garrett Coliseum / Montgomery, Alabama

About the Rodeo

SLE Rodeo Venue

Garrett Coliseum
1555 Federal Drive
Montgomery, AL 36107

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Frontier Rodeo Company

The SLE Rodeo proudly features the top bucking stock in the country through 2016 PRCA Stock Contractor of the Year  Frontier Rodeo Company.  Our rodeo will have more cowboys and cowgirls who competed in the National Finals Rodeo than any other rodeo within 200 miles! We mean it when we say that this is the best rodeo you’ll find east of the Mississippi. We’ve got world-class stock coming right here to Montgomery, and you’re not going to want to miss it!

PRCA Xtreme Bullfights

A Dance With Danger

Freestyle Bullfighting involves highly skilled, talented human and bovine athletes partaking in a dangerous battle where control, strength, aggression and courage is displayed.

The bullfight itself is a 60-second competition with a whistle at the mandatory 40-second mark after which the bullfight can be “SOLD.” Bullfighters are judged on and will gain points by how well they maneuver around the bull, working in close with the bull, staying in control, working in both directions and “SELLING” the fight. Bullfighters must maintain control of the barrel if the bull engages it. A bullfighter will lose points by getting run over, run up the fence or not controlling the barrel if engaged. Bullfighters can gain extra points with jumps, barrel hops or walking down the bulls back using the barrel.

Each bullfight is scored 1 to 25 points by each judge on how strong the bullfighter fights and 1 to 25 points on how strong the bull performs. Two “JUDGES,” points total a possible “100.”


Rockin’ Robbie Hodges – Professional Barrelman and Rodeo Clown

Rockin’ Robbie Hodges has created an experience unlike any other for rodeo fans across the world. As the hottest barrelman and rodeo clown going down the road today, Robbie has used his quick wit and loveable personality to reach crowds on a personal level. His off the cuff, no script, and hilarious banter has given the new rodeo fans something new to enjoy about rodeos. How does he do it? He is genuine and loves entertaining people, especially children.

This passion has helped him eagerly take on rodeo performance of any size and venue. Robbie will attempt to personalize each show, each act, and every performance by getting to know his crowd before ever entering the arena. How do you know he loves his job, listen for his own laughter in the arena, it’s contagious.

But, Robbie will quickly change to the serious job at hand each night by using his unusual skills that has him acclaimed as one of the best barrelmen in the country. While some barrelmen use their barrel as a prop, Robbie actually moves his barrel and becomes part of the protection team on each bull ride. His talent of reading a bull’s movement has lead him to positioning himself as a sole protector of not only the contestant but the bullfighters in many cases. Bullfighters, stock contractors, announcers and especially contestants will contest that Rockin’ Robbie Hodges is the most exciting, quick witted, and safest man to have in your arena.

Roman Rider – Dusti Crain Dickerson

Dusti Crain Dickerson was born and raising in a rodeo family. Her father owned a small rodeo company in Southern Illinois where she carried flags and barrel raced. Dusti caught the Roman riding and trick riding bug at the age of 11 during a family vacation to Branson, MO., to Dolly Partons Dixie Stampede. She proceeded to go home and work tirelessly and grew into one of the fastest and most exciting acts in rodeo today. The last 12 years Dusti was the featured Roman rider in the Pigeon Forge, TN., and traveled to rodeos moderately. She is now retired from the show and is very excited to perform on the road full time! Her acts are high flying, with fast, beautiful horses and colorful, unique costumes! Dusti and her crew are sure to thrill any audience!

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Mail or deliver contracts to the SLE:
SLE Rodeo
201 S. Bainbridge St.
Montgomery, AL 36104